Jeffrey L. Dauer

Jeffrey L. Dauer

Mission Hills, California

Whether it concerns workers’ compensation or a personal injury matter, Larson, Larson, & Dauer, in Mission Hills, can help you locate a solution to your legal matter. Our attorneys know how to assist individuals injured at the jobsite or suffering injuries due to the negligence of others. Founded by attorney Timothy A. Larson, Esq., our firm has handled these sorts of matters for close to 40 years.

Our experienced workers’ compensation lawyers represent injured workers from every sort of profession. This includes teachers, nurses, truck drivers, government workers, retail workers and office professionals. We understand California’s workers’ compensation laws and use our knowledge when handling labor code violations, and serious and willful claims. We know what steps to take concerning Social Security Disability and Medicare issues, handling of annuities and structured settlements, and dealings with home health care services and related matters.

Our law firm also regularly handles personal injury and wrongful death cases resulting from a motor vehicle accident, slip-and-fall mishap, defective product and other forms of negligence. As skilled litigators, we are unafraid to take your matter to court should there be no suitable settlement offer forthcoming. We keep our caseload manageable in order to provide your matter the attention it deserves. 

Larson, Larson, & Dauer will not take your case unless we are totally confident we can serve you. When meeting with you, we will provide you with a frank assessment of your case. In the event we cannot help you, we will help you find an attorney who can assist.

Please let us help you. We will fight for the sort of compensation that will help you recover and continue on with your life.

Areas of Practice

  • Workers' Compensation